Correct. This is Adulting!

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Prepare yourself.

The tea flows like wine and the secrets spill faster than a leaky faucet.

Grab your finest and settle in…

In the bustling heart of a quaint European village, there lay the tantalizing aroma the smoke house wafting through the air.

At the helm of this culinary symphony was none other than the village butcher, a burly, bearded man named “Gunther.”

With his powerful arms and calloused hands, Gunther expertly carved away at haunches of pork and tenderloins of beef, serving up succulent morsels to the townsfolk with a smile.

But little did they know, beneath Gunther’s rugged exterior lay a yearning heart.

The village baker, “Bruno,” had long held his affections, but the thought of bringing shame to his family name kept him from confessing his true feelings.

That is, until the arrival of a new apprentice, the lean and lithe “Wolfgang.”

Bruno, a master baker with a deft touch and a penchant for creating divine pastries, welcomed Wolfgang into his bustling bakery.

The young apprentice was eager to learn the art of pastry-making from the seasoned professional.

Their days were filled with kneading dough, rolling out pies, and crafting delicious treats that tantalized the senses.

As they worked side by side, sparks began to fly between Bruno and Wolfgang.

The tension grew thicker than the yeast in their bread as they exchanged glances filled with longing and desire.

But the fear of discovery kept them from giving in to their desires. That is, until Gunther’s unexpected intervention.

Just down the street from the butcher and bakery stood the humble abode of the village candlestick maker, a tall, broad-shouldered man named “Heinrich.”

With his chiselled features and warm smile, Heinrich was a fixture in the village.

But few knew that beneath his gentle exterior lay a passionate soul.

As he crafted delicate, intricate candles by day, his mind wandered to fantasies of Bruno and Wolfgang.

Their lovemaking became his greatest inspiration, driving him to create candles that captured the essence of their passion.

With each pour of molten wax, he could feel their energy coursing through his veins, fuelling his unspoken connection with them.

Stay tuned for the conclusion…