Correct. This is Adulting!

Wanna Ink? Fitted T-Shirt

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Innuendo? Correct.

In your “endo” or on your sleeve…either way, get down to it.

Don’t just stand there. Model!

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Nestled in the dimly lit corners of Union Underground, the city’s most enigmatic queer speakeasy hidden beneath historic Union Station, two figures locked eyes across the crowded main salon, their gazes unwavering as they each sipped on aged bourbons.

The air was thick with the heady scent of whiskey and cigar smoke, mingling with the allure of leather-clad men and denim-wrapped bodies.

As the night wore on and the crowd swelled around them, their friends chattered away, but their eyes never strayed from one another.

The tension between them grew palpable, a magnetic pull that seemed to draw them closer together despite the noise and chaos of the room.

And then, with a precision that seemed almost fated, one stood up from his seat, making his way through the throng of patrons towards the bar.

He approached, unaware that his captivating counterpart had made his own way there, each man turning to face the other just as their eyes locked, and with a sly grin, he said, “Your shirt, is “ink-credible”. Would you care to join me for a drink?”

The two slipped into the shadows of the dark corner, their whispers of laughter and the flickering glow of their cigars melding into the night, leaving behind an air of mystery and desire that lingered long after they had gone.

The TURNIP TEEZ Men's Fitted T-Shirt is full on comfort with a tapered fit. Designed to be soft and form-fitting with a slight taper. Pre-shrunk to maintain shape after each washing. Great for layering as well. More here.


This garment uses direct to garment printing to print care label information on your garment. No more annoying tags. Certainly no more itchy remnants of scratchy tags, that have been cut out. Enjoy no more torn seams from removing TOO much. CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Found here.


Can you believe that 20% of the clothing discarded in landfills has never been worn? Opting for bespoke and handcrafted items not only enhances your style but also promotes sustainability.

Your custom TURNIP TEEZ t-shirt is expertly created just for you as soon as you place your order. This tailored process requires a bit more time, but it epitomizes genuine craftsmanship. Unlike mass-produced goods, our method helps to curb overproduction and minimize waste.

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A Length

Place the end of the tape beside the collar at the top of the tee (Highest Point Shoulder). Pull the tape measure to the bottom of the shirt.

B Chest

Measure yourself around the fullest part of your chest. Keep the tape measure horizontal.

Product measurements may vary by up to 2" (5 cm).