A collection focused on encouraging kindness in our surroundings to make life better for all those around us. Including ourselves.

Kindness is “One Size Fits All”.

This collection is more like an ongoing evolving project. Born out of the desire to find the perfect pink t-shirt to wear for “Pink Shirt Day”. But not a shirt that would be only worn that “one day”.

I wanted a shirt that would send the message that through the little things we do each day, kindness being one of them, we can do our part to create a place where bullying just doesn’t happen any more. Or try to, at least.

During the last week of February we recognize #PINKSHIRTDAY which is a day set aside to recognize the day in 2007 when 2 high school students in Nova Scotia, Canada took action to stop the bullying of one of their classmates that wanted to simply wear pink.

I was that kid getting bullied. Except in my version it was a pink shaker knit sweater. It was “peach” or “coral” really. But try explaining the finer points of hue and shade to a bunch of idiot teenage boys. No one stood up then. It was only my size that kept me safe from fists, but the words hurt.

pink retro

I am standing up now.

With PINK.

PINK is not just the colour “pink” but a reminder for us that if we just inject a little kindness in everything we do. That energy WILL come back around and take care of us. The more of us throwing that kindness out there; the more of us get it back.

That means PINK comes in many colours here at TURNIP TEEZ, shapes and sizes too. That means you can wear PINK for any cause, team, charity or purpose and remain a beacon of kindness.

The project is growing so please stick around and enjoy it with me.

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Thank you so much!

I hear you. I see you. You matter.


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