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wear PINK kindness is one size fits all

What began as a personal quest to create the perfect PINK T-shirt for PINK T-Shirt Day evolved into something much greater.

WEAR PINK represents more than just a colour; it symbolizes a unifying force that transcends our backgrounds and identities.

WEAR PINK is a concept rooted in the idea that the energy, positivity, and love we invest in our actions and interactions with others are what truly matter.

WEAR PINK encourages us to focus on the humanity and kindness we can share, regardless of our names, backgrounds, or circumstances. It’s about coming together, breaking down barriers, and making a lasting positive impact on the world through our collective efforts and compassion.

Models wearing Red, Pink and Blue t-shirts by PINK
hello my name is name tag sticker with PINK written as the name

The fundamental idea behind ‘Wear PINK’ revolves around celebrating the colour as the shared symbol connecting our presence, compassion, and efforts.

Whether we’re supporting a sports team or championing a charitable cause to raise funds and awareness, embracing this hue signifies our unity.

By infusing ample positivity, we can draw upon this wellspring of energy to unite and strengthen our collective resolve.

PINK name tag

You might observe that the PINK label bears a striking resemblance to a name tag sticker. Your observation is absolutely correct, and this is where the personal narrative behind PINK comes into play.

My journey led me to a newfound perspective I hadn’t previously considered. It was as if my horizons had expanded, allowing me to see life and people through a different lens. This shift in perspective became pivotal as I contemplated the ideal t-shirt for Pink T-Shirt Day.

I found myself reminiscing about my involvement in community outreach, and I noticed a change in the atmosphere when people discovered my family background and lineage. Conversations took on a more courteous tone, and volunteer opportunities seemed to come my way more easily. It struck me that this unintentionally created an additional layer of separation, which, instead of fostering unity, was impeding our collective progress.

This fresh perspective allowed me to focus on a fundamental idea—that the true essence of “the shirt” resides in the energy we infuse into the colour it symbolizes, prominently placed over our hearts. It’s about channelling the energy and love we have for one another.

In the end, what holds genuine significance is not your name, the particulars of your day, or your background; it’s the kindness and humanity you extend to others that will endure and make a lasting difference.

Excuse me, Do you have a moment to discuss the ‘vironment and sustainability?

The WEAR PINK Collection Promotes Sustainability

Did you know that 1 in 5 garments ends up in landfills, often without ever being tried on or worn?

Consider how many “race shirts” are worn only once or not at all. By emphasizing the importance of colour, we can reduce the number of race shirts produced each year and explore better ways to support the artists who design them.

Now, you’ll always have a reason to participate in Earth Day celebrations and to advocate for mental health and various charitable causes.

Think of your Wear PINK gear as an advanced, sustainable, visible, functional, and creative awareness ribbon.

Within the WEAR PINK Collection, we’re dedicated to giving back to our community through two essential outreach programs. For every piece of WEAR PINK gear you purchase, $5 is earmarked for these impactful initiatives.

One of these programs supports The 519 Community Centre in Toronto, a place that held immense significance for my late friend, Pauli Kivisto. Pauli, during his time with us, frequently engaged with the community centre, attending events, meetings, and practices.

He passionately conveyed the importance of having a dedicated community centre for LGBTQ+ individuals, inspiring me not only to utilize its resources but also to invest in our community.

In 2015, we lost Pauli to his battle with mental health.

Pauli Kivisto and Chole - Wear PINK
Ranger Liam and turniphed

This is “Ranger” Liam (Rock Tossing), with myself, turniphed.

Liam is an extraordinary individual who has consistently faced his own challenges without ever losing his spirit. Moreover, he tirelessly dedicates himself to ensuring others have the support they need to confront their struggles. We’ve become pillars of support for each other during our tough times.

When I first met Liam, he was prioritizing the care of others over his own well-being. He worked tirelessly as the Chief Nurse of a bustling Emergency Department (although he’s currently on leave due to his declining health). On his days off, Liam would dip into his own pocket to purchase essential items such as underwear, socks, sleeping bags, toiletries, tote bags, medical supplies, and food gift cards.

Then, without fail, Liam would venture out to provide care and distribute these supplies to individuals living on the streets, struggling with inadequate shelter, healthcare, and nutrition.

Even now, while battling terminal cancer, Parkinson’s disease, and bone degeneration, Liam hasn’t ceased his mission to care for those in need. Surgeries and chemotherapy may have tested him, but they haven’t dampened his dedication to others.

When you choose to WEAR PINK, you are contributing to the cause of fostering equity in our community.

$5 from the sale of each Yippee Skippee T-shirt also goes to help Ranger Liam with his outreach.
(Also explains why I call him Ranger Liam – wink)