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International Beaver Day

Happy International Beaver Day

The Wood Morning Coffee Cabin and Crew extend our Best Wishes and Bountiful Returns to all those that will be celebrating this festive occasion.

The Crew at The Wood Morning Coffee Cabin would like join in the festivities and offer 15% off the entire Wood Morning Coffee Cabin catalogue; starting today at 16:20 -4UTC (already passed) and running until 04:20 -4UTC Monday 10 April 2023. (That’s 420 in the morning Monday, Eastern North America)

Find the special discount code here or on our Instagram Profile page – hint: same picture you see above.

Drop by and take a look. Explore FREE SHIPPING and take a peek through the other TURNIP TEEZ Collections.

As always any items are exempt if their proceeds are donated to charity.

Enjoy your Beaver Weekend!