Correct. This is Adulting!

What the Duck is Going on Here?

Yup. It's Laundry Day. This is Adulting.
4 Emergency Use Only - This is Adulting
Man Removing Laundry from dryer.

It started with the need for a clean “t-shirt to wear on laundry day”.

Then the Duck started to stir things up. Wink.

Male & Female Models wearing 4 Emergency Use only t-shirt dress and fitted t-shirt

4 Emergency Use Only Fitted T-Shirt

$66.00 CAD
Perhaps you are "playing" emergency cable guy visit. Or, perhaps an old favourite like emergency plumber. Pizza-delivery-person. Perhaps, it is just your last clean t-shirt and it is time to do laundry. Don't just stand there. Model!

4 Emergency Use Only T-Shirt Dress

$66.00 CAD
Laundry day? You're set. Pair with canvas slip-ons or flip-flops and you are good to go! Don't just stand there. Model!
4 Emergency Use Only Drinkware

Pretty sure nobody is going to be drinking your beverage when you use 4 Emergency Use Only drinkware by Essen Ehm. Unless, they are in on the joke.

Don’t just sit there. Hydrate! Subscribe, as well.

Subscribing is adulting, but the fun kind.

4 Emergency Use Only Flip Flops