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The Lodge at Mount Moist Plinth Graphic Logo
Once upon a time... It was just a little hut. Shelter for the loggers that kept the pass open in winter. That little wood hut GREW and grew, into THE LODGE ON MOUNT MOIST PLINTH.

After the massive freak snow storm that almost took out the entire upper part of Mount Moist Plinth, there was an influx of loggers that became tree planters.

They worked tirelessly to recover what was salvageable of the upper mountain pass. They also worked hard to plant as many trees as they could to stabilize the mountain face.

Now a camp that was once full of loggers who worked to keep the Upper Pass open, was now a camp full of loggers trying to replant a forest and save a mountain.

This camp grew as well and is now what we affectionately call The Wood Lot.

Picture it. Tranquil lake, nestled lower down Mount Moist Plinth in a quiet little mountain valley. The perfect place to get some relief from the harsh wilderness on the Upper Pass.

It started out as a little cabin, a huge upgrade from canvas tents up at The Wood Lot. Then a second cabin sprung up. Then another. Then a larger. Then smaller cabins were built in little clusters, linked together and as years went on The Lodge was built.

Now the perfect haven for many. Ideal for exactly what they need. Tranquil.