Correct. This is Adulting!


Simple. Strip. Teez.

After that, the rest is up to you.

Each t-shirt is durable, yet soft and comfy. Just like all TURNIP TEEZ.


Strip TEEZ

$66.00 CAD
Sometimes a Strip TEEZ is all it takes to get what you want or need. Stand & Model.
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Essen Ehm


Cock Ring Around The Collar

$66.00 CAD
Don't just stand there. Model! It is YOU who is the real masterpiece! Yet, a flashy t-shirt to get their attention never hurt nobody. Embrace confidence with cock ring around the collar. [tt_hiker_short]

Little Mic Big Message in Joan

$66.00 CAD
It is not the size of your microphone; it is your message that matters. Don't just stand there. Model! You are the masterpiece! xx, turnip


$66.00 CAD
Tawp by Essen Ehm Where all the Tops at? Don't Just Stand There. MODEL! You are the masterpiece! xx, SM [tt_hiker_short]

Our Bot Tom

$66.00 CAD
This is Tom. Tom is a Bot, but not just any Bot; he's a quantum marvel! Tom's existence is governed by the strange and fascinating laws of quantum mechanics. Instead of simple on and off switches, he uses quantum bits, or qubits, to process information. Tom enjoys entangling his qubits and exploring the mysterious world of superposition. Say, "Hi" to our Bot Tom! Don't just stand there! MODEL! You are the masterpiece, darling! xx, SM [tt_hiker_short]

UVGAWT … Two More Wishes

$66.00 CAD
You've got 2 more wishes. Here is a clever way to meet, or perhaps "meat" people. If they figure out the riddle, could they be worthy of 2 more wishes? Don't just stand there... MODEL! You are the masterpiece! [tt_hiker_short]