Correct. This is Adulting!

Every once in a while an issue may occur with an order. If this is the case, TURNIP TEEZ is happy to assist you in any way possible.

If the problem occurred as a result of an error on this end, TURNIP TEEZ is more than happy to replace your item. Provided the estimated delivery date was within the last 3 weeks.

The points below will help in determining if your order is eligible for a return.

  • Faulty Product: If the product has a hole, stains, or manufacturing defect.
  • Placement Issue: If a print is clearly crooked or off-centre.
  • Incorrect Image: If the wrong images was printed.
  • Wrong Item Sent: If the wrong garment, colour or size was sent.

If the item falls into any of these above categories TURNIP TEEZ offers sincerest apologies and TURNIP TEEZ is happy to replace the items that missed your expectations.

Please follow the steps below.

If your item is covered by one of the above points, please take photos of the piece and the problem and fill out the form on this page.

You will need;

  • clear photos of the issue, be sure to use a ruler, for perspective, if size of printing is the issue
  • a specific and clear description of the issue
  • if there are multiple products in your order, please be clear which one you are referring to

You should expect a response within 2 to 3 business days.

Your product is created at time of purchase and there is little window for making any changes once your order has been placed and payment finalized. Once your order is in the processing stage, regardless of when you send your message, changes of any kind can not be made to the order and are non-refundable.