Yup. This is Adulting

Person wearing the black "Drag is not a Duck King Crime" t-shirt. The lettering and duck are yellow; their crown is pink.
A circular stage with a microphone stand and microphone, the scene is white and shadows with the artwork "Drag is Not a Duck King Crime - Essen Ehm"
Person wearing the white "Drag is not a Duck King Crime" t-shirt. The lettering and duck are black; their crown is pink.
Essen Ehm - Wanna Ink?
Wanna Ink?
The Duck - Essen Ehm


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The Blue T-Shirt

$66.00 CAD

Gay AF by Wear PINK

$66.00 CAD

The Green T-Shirt

$66.00 CAD


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4 Emergency Use Only - Essen Ehm T-shirt

4 Emergency Use Only Hiker T-Shirt

$66.00 CAD
Perhaps you are "playing" emergency cable guy visit. Or, perhaps an old favourite like emergency plumber. Pizza-delivery-person. Perhaps, it is just your last clean t-shirt and it is time to do laundry. Don't just stand there. Model!
Drag is not a Duck King Crime

Drag Is Not a Duck’ing Crime – Joan

$75.00 CAD
The Duck King of Essen Ehm is ducking mad. This should be simple for everyone to understand. Drag is not a crime. Drag is a vibrant part of our culture. Drag is an important part of our history. Drag is a vital part of our tomorrow. Don't just stand there. Model. [tt_dragstoryhour] Shipping included for all orders delivered to an address in the USA.