Correct. This is Adulting!


Simple. Strip. Teez.

After that, the rest is up to you.

Each t-shirt is durable, yet soft and comfy. Just like all TURNIP TEEZ.


Strip TEEZ

$66.00 CAD
Sometimes a Strip TEEZ is all it takes to get what you want or need. Stand & Model.
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Essen Ehm


UVGAWT … Two More Wishes

$66.00 CAD
You've got 2 more wishes. Here is a clever way to meet, or perhaps "meat" people. If they figure out the riddle, could they be worthy of 2 more wishes? Don't just stand there... MODEL! You are the masterpiece! xx,

4 Play Meta 4

$66.00 CAD

Rain On Me

$66.00 CAD
It is vital to stay Hydrant'ated when out clubbing! (Just make sure it's the right kind of club -- please enjoy responsibly - wink) Don't just stand there - Model! xx, Essen Ehm

Got Nut

$66.00 CAD
Got nut? Wanna nut? Let's nut? Versatility is key for some, but the truth remains, "Left liberates. Right Restricts." Don't just stand there --- NUT! xx, Essen Ehm

Where The Hose At?

$66.00 CAD
Simple question. Where the host at, boys? Don't just stand there. Model! You are the masterpiece. Available printed in; Joan on No_R and No_R on Blahnk.