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The Lemonade Syndicate Insulated Beverage Vessel

$36.00 CAD

A smart Citrozen always starts their day with their favourite beverage. Take yours with you on your adventures and keep yourself warm!

Have trouble remembering which MedPen is for what? We have got you sorted. Follow the colours to help you out!

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Start your day off properly, with your favourite beverage in hand when you equip yourself with one of these stainless steel travel mugs. Each mug holds 410mL of your favourite beverage.

Quality crafted adventure-friendly stainless steel. With a glossy white enamel finish, a spill-proof and snap-on cap, as well as a lined-in insulating plastic, this mug combines character with an explorer's favorite; practicality. Please ensure the longevity of this mug by hand washing only.


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