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As some of you will know, I have taken part in the Pride & Remembrance Run, in Toronto, each summer for close to 10 years. Even while battling my; Congestive Heart Failure and numerous other cardiac ailments, I was out there every year. One summer, I was out there the day after being released from hospital, having just had a surgical procedure on my heart.

I didn’t do the Pride and Remembrance Run for the tan, although some years I did pretty good in that department, and a couple years it was cold, wet and miserable. I did the Pride and Remembrance Run because even as the things I was dealing with were super shitty, someone was going through something worse. A lot worse.

I wasn’t happy with my performance this year in fund raising. I had a host of other obligations, and whilst on hiatus from publishing and podcasting I lost touch with my friends and audience. This made it hard for me to get the word out.

So here I am again; trying to do something to create change.

Meet; Linus, Chartier & Mullpepper. The first 3 of my #turnipstache series to be released and the first to lend their “stache” to the cause of raising money for HIV Charities.

HIV is an illness that we can ALL take a part in irradicating.

You may not be a brilliant scientist but you can do your part.

You can donate and educate. Educate yourself, then others. Stigma against HIV and those living with HIV is a massive obstacle. Imagine how much more energy we could focus on curing HIV if we weren’t all hating on people with HIV!

The #TURNIPSTACHE FIGHT HIV Mug will be available from today until the end of December. Next year the plan will be that some other’s from the #turnipstache collection will step up and be in the design from 2020!

$2 from the sale of each mug will be donated* to a local HIV Charity here in Toronto. I won’t name it for legal reasons right now…but if you want a hint; I have done a story on their new “home” and they also “live” in the same neighbourhood.

$1 from the sale of each mug will be donated* to a major International HIV Organization that has a super big “world wide” day at the beginning of December.

If you have any questions at all; please feel free to drop me a line directly, right here.

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