We wanted to take some inspiration from one of the t-shirts in our collection and bring it up into our PRIDE 2018 Collection. We are talking about our AS-IS t-shirt. 

Inspired by the home furnishings giant that uses the same colours of Royal Blue and Yellow; we wanted to make a t-shirt to promote body positivity and give people an opportunity to show off their pride in who they are and what they look like.

We also thought we needed to bring this to our PRIDE 2018 Collection especially after seeing a sign that a gentleman was carrying in a Pride Parade; which said, “EVERY BODY IS A PRIDE BODY” and we thought that was really fucking awesome!

So we bring you our AS – IS t-shirt and THIS IS ME t-shirts in our Pride 2018 Collection.

Have yourself a happy and safe PRIDE Month and remember that PRIDE is everyday….



Pride season is here and it is time to look fabulous in our new PRIDE shirts for this year. 

Not only will you look awesome in these new shirts…you will be helping out a good cause.

$2 from the sale of each of our PRIDE 2018 t-shirts will be donated to the efforts over at TURNIPSTYLE to raise money in the Pride and Remembrance Run

Since we can’t anticipate all the different kinds of styles that people may want, we have launched this year’s collection in our popular sleeveless style. If you are looking for another cut or style, we are happy to accommodate you. If you are able to, we ask that you add a $2 donation to help us support TURNIPSTYLE even more.