Don’t lose your SHIT

  • 100% spun polyester
  • zipper enclosure
  • t-bottom stands up
  • pencil kit, makeup bag or hoekit
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A TURNIP TEEZ Disndat Sac (This-and-That) is the perfect accessory for just about anything. Keep all the little loose bits in your tote, easily within reach & all in one place! Aptly named, use your DISNDAT SAC for everything from sketching pencils to eyebrow pencils.

Pattern designed by TURNIP TEEZ, constructed on extra durable 100% polyesters. Available in Small and Large, with a "T-Bottom" so the sac will stand up on its own. Interior lining is non-laminated.

Pair with any of the TURNIP TEEZ Totes and probably a good idea to grab a few. Just to be extra prepared. Two sizes to choose from, one for DIS and one for DAT!

  • Small: Width 6.6cm, length 20.3cm, height 17.6cm
  • Large: Width 7.3cm, lenght 31.2cm, height 17.6cm


Shipping works a little bit different at TURNIP TEEZ. Being part of an artist collective network; some of the pieces in your order may come from just around the corner to you and some may come from across international borders. So, to balance it all out and try and make shipping easy; the more you spend the more discount you earn against your shipping charges.

When your TURNIP TEEZ totals hit the subtotal amounts listed below; your cart totals will automatically adjust, to offset any shipping charges; still giving you the freedom to decide which shipping method (when avaialable) suits you best.

» Subtotal of $100 to $199 - receive an instant $5 credit
» Subtotal of $200 and more - receive an instant $10 credit

Read more right here. Some conditions apply. Credit will automatically be applied to your cart as applicable items are added. Have questions? I would love to hear from you!


Please remember each order is considered "made to order", with the excpetion of the 3 Pack Facemasks. Other exceptions may apply. Please make sure you are familiar with the unique TURNIP TEEZ refund policy.

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