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  • Multi-Function Design: 12+ ways to wear it - face mask, face cover, neck gaiter, headband, wristband, hairband, balaclava, seamless mask, beanie, bandana, mouth cover, and more.
  • One Size Fits Most: These face masks feature a lightweight and breathable 4-way stretch fabric. The garment is washable & reusable. Hang dry to ensure fabric longevity.
  • Lightweight & Breathable: Moisture wicking fabric properties transfers sweat away from your body, helping to cool you off. Quick dry fabric will have your mask dry in minutes. Hang yours in the sun!
  • Great for Outdoor Activities: Biking, camping, festivals, fishing, hiking, motorcycling, paintball, skiing, snowmobiling, snowboarding, rodeos, running, traveling, working out, yoga, yard work.
  • Protection from: UV Rays, dust, sand and wind.
  • Designed to match or coordinate with other TURNIP TEEZ & TURNIP THE SWEAT pieces.
  • 95% Polyester & 5% Spandex.
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Sophistication can be paired successfully with function; the TURNIP TEEZ Neck Gaiter can be worn as a face shield against sun, wind, dust; a head band, wristband, balaclava and a neck warmer. Keep your skin out of direct sun light on super hot sunny days.

Ideal accessory for activities like; Cross-country, Downhill or Backcountry skiing, Cycling, Camping, Hiking, Beach day or any time you are outside.

The TURNIP TEEZ Neck Gaiter is a clever, fun and functional fashion accessory and should not be assumed to represent anything resembling personal protective equipment in any way, shape or form. What we can do though is help you look more stylish and sophisticated while you are wearing a proper medical mask as you are commuting to work!?

Note from turnipHed: From my experiences working with men's underwear over the past 13+ years, I would recommend washing this garment in warm or cold water and hanging to dry in order to preserve the integrity of the Elastane in the fabric and extend the life of this product. This fabric is PERFECTLY happy in a low to medium heat tumble dryer; but, will last much longer if hung to dry.

This product may experiencing fulfillment delays due to COVID-19. Any updates regarding COVID-19 will be published in the TURNIP TEEZ NEWS. Confused? We might be too. Please, drop a line directly if you have any questions.


Shipping works a little bit different at TURNIP TEEZ. Being part of an artist collective network; some of the pieces in your order may come from just around the corner to you and some may come from across international borders. So, to balance it all out and try and make shipping easy; the more you spend the more discount you earn against your shipping charges.

When your TURNIP TEEZ totals hit the subtotal amounts listed below; your cart totals will automatically adjust, to offset any shipping charges; still giving you the freedom to decide which shipping method (when avaialable) suits you best.

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Please remember each order is considered "made to order", with the excpetion of the 3 Pack Facemasks. Other exceptions may apply. Please make sure you are familiar with the unique TURNIP TEEZ refund policy.

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