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Washing & Care Instructions


Taking care of your garment properly will ensure that your new best friend (or friends) is with you for a very long time.

We invite you to follow these recommendations when taking care of your TURNIP TEEZ Creation.

  • WASHING: We invite you to wash your TURNIP TEEZ Creations inside out with cold water, with like colours and using a gentle cycle.
  • IRONING: If ironing IS necessary, please iron inisde out on the absolute lowest setting. Low and slow is how we like to go.
  • DRYING: With all garments it is best to HANG DRY. Placing your garments in the dryer attributes to 90% of the wear and tear on your garments. If you need to put your TURNIP TEEZ Creation in the dryer, we invite you to tubmle on low. Yup, we still like low and slow.
  • BLEACHING: Absolutely NOT!
  • DRY CLEANING: Do not even THINK about it!
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