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Another year has passed and we have lost countless more brothers, sisters & queer family to QUEERphobia.

QUEERphobia isn’t just the recent reports of the gruesome violence that we heard about in Iran and the brutal killings in the United States.

QUEERphobia is also voting for political parties that don’t uphold values of equity and equality for our marginalized communities.

QUEERphobia is also eating and restaurants that support radical religious & racists groups.

QUEERphobia is every time you made a “fag” or “tranny” joke at the dinner table and everyone laughs. It is every time YOU laughed at one of those jokes to “just fit it”.

QUEERphobia. It is all one and the same, just an ugly circle that just feeds itself over and over again.

There is a way to stop it!

We need to all be as visible as possible for those that can’t be.

We need to let all those around US, know WHO their actions affect.

We need to say NO MORE hate. NO MORE bullying. NO MORE exclusion.

Let us introduce you to;

be visible

Under Cover in Plain Site. Why not have some fun and share some personality, while being an activist!

Learn more about May 17th and the International Day Against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia by visiting their website.

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Linus has gone on a little bit of a working vacation. He requested some time away, for some self-exploration and travel.

Mental Health matters to us at TURNIP TEEZ and that is why it is a core component of our PINK Collection. So of course we were behind Linus as he explores this chapter of his life.

Until then he assures us that his ‘brothers‘; Beverly Tristan Mullpepper and Stig de Bois will keep you all company and cozy as well.

Learn more about our PINK Collection; aiming to end bully, hate, discrimination through spreading kindness and showing support.

PINK also comes in other colours because we want to show our support for all the other programs that fight to raise awareness and change peoples lives that have been affected in some way that causes them to face challenges.

As a quick example; GREEN by PINK is a sustainable way to show your support for causes that have chosen GREEN to represent their efforts and the folks they are trying to help. MENTAL HEALTH is one such cause that the colour green has been chosen to represent . Other causes as well; like for those Living with HIV and the importance of testing.

One t-shirt. One human full of kindness. Endless possibilities!

Only through equity will we understand equality. Kindness is one size fits all and can be that force that brings all together.

Click the button below to learn more.

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two in the arm gets ya one in the butt -

As vaccination continues to move forward and more and more of use receive our second vaccination and start to mingle again, things may be a little awkward.

Some of us may be out of practice with communicating our needs, urges, desires.

So if you have taken 2 in the arm and are looking to either give one in the butt or take one in the butt, perhaps “The Anal Option” Ringer-Tee by TURNIP TEEZ is what you need.

We will take this moment to remind everyone that they need to first and foremost, without reservation or any impediment, uphold their COVID-19 responsibilities before they get to get out there and dick around.

If you are out there being irresponsible, harmful or just being an idiot, we will send TURNIPHED’s Mother, with her slipper in hand after them…and we all know what a whack from Mom’s slipper feels like.


What is fun is when you add a couple t-shirts to your cart and you can watch the savings add up.

Shipping included for this t-shirt.

Be Smart. Stay Safe. Remain Responsible.

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On this Wednesday let us not be defeated as the shock, sadness and anger over yet another killing of a black human being, Miss Ma’Khia Bryant 16 years old, at the hands of yet another white police officer, just moments before we heard the verdict handed down in the George Floyd murder trial.

Let’s wear PINK today to remember that KINDNESS IS ONE SIZE FITS ALL and that we all have a part to play. TURNIP TEEZ is trying to help by donating a large portion of proceeds from the sale of PINK COLLECTION t-shirts to help the following projects;

  • The 519 LGBTQ Community Centre in Toronto, Canada – website
  • Liam’s Project – twitter

The PINK SHIRT DAY project started as measure against student bullying and has now grown into a global movement. We just celebrated the International Day of Pink last Wednesday. Our motivation to end bullying doesn’t have to stop at the playground and high school hallway lockers.

Add KINDNESS in everything you do.

To learn more about the PINK Collection at TURNIP TEEZ visit and be sure to sign up for our emails.

To shop for your PINK gear click here.

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14 April 2021 TURNIP TEEZ will be joining the rest of the world in celebrating International Day of Pink, adding our voice in the fight against discrimination and bullying.

We would like to invite you to wear your PINK with us next Wednesday and join #VirtualDayofPink.

The PINK Collection is a project close to our hearts at TURNIP TEEZ – please join us in wearing pink next Wednesday!

Want to learn more and be sure you are ready for International Day of Pink? Visit the official website for International Day of Pink here.

Need something pink to wear? Might we suggest…

PINK by TURNIP TEEZ - Kindness is One Size Fits All
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We are happy to report that we are all done moving to our new home. All that is left is to just finish little jobs, like hanging the art. Making sure all the lamps are on the doileys. Stuff like that.

While we are doing that, here is something for you.

From today until noon this Thursday, 01 April 2021 (-4 UTC), when your cart has at least $40 from either t-shirts, tank tops, face masks, jackets & hats, with the exception of The PINK COLLECTION, we will discount your cart 15% automatically at checkout.

No need to worry about coupon codes this time.

Happy Shopping.

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ZIP RACER Premium Washable 2 Ply Face Mask - with filter pocket


From right now until 05 February – enjoy deep discounts on our; Premium Face Masks, printed with funky and fashionable eye catching designs. 2 ply construction with a pocket for a disposable N-95 filter.Your best option for protection.

We have also discounted our washable & reusable face mask kits of 3 pieces or our premium Champion cloth mask kit with 5 pieces.

Our Neck Gaiters are also on sale. While not effective coverage in the battle against COVID-19, these are great for keeping your warm in cooler weather when you are exercising; also provide you with UV Protection. Our Neck Gaiters also make great headbands and sweat bands.