WELL…I don’t really know. Ha, kidding!

14 years ago a thought crossed my mind, “damn, wish I had a t-shirt that said that!” and I never let go of that idea.

But, I had a full time career, that had me travelling no less than 11 days a month, usually more like 17-20, I needed more than one idea for a t-shirt.  And, the biggest thing was; I didn’t want to have a warehouse, whatever that may be, with merchandise just sitting there.

I didn’t want to waste energy and resources. Not just by creating product but also by keeping it somewhere just waiting to be bought.

Everything is different now. With current technologies I am able to create your garment at the time you purchase it. That “t-shirt” is going to a “for-sure forever home” and now has a purpose.

proudly headquartered in TORONTO CANADA
creations by, me, TURNIPHED, and it really is just me over here
each piece is created individually from design to production
each piece is custom handcrafted at time of purchase…just for you

committed to a fair purchase practise
committed to making a difference for the better in the
environment & peoples’ lives
committed to having fun & enjoying life

TURNIP TEEZ employs the latest technologies.

Not just with the machinery, but with inks and fabrics as well.

I have even sourced a t-shirt that is made with the recovered and repurposed plastic. One t-shirt alone keeps the equivalent of 4 bottles out of the landfills or our oceans!

The organic cotton used in my t-shirts is all ethically sourced and sustainable.

Each piece is created with human hands. The machines may add the ink, but each piece is set, removed and inspected, folded and packaged by a real live human.

I like to try keep things fun here, usually my sense of humour is the one that is in control.

However, some of the garments or language here may offend some people. Some of my stuff gets political.

I say that is a good thing. Be respectful on what you do about it though. That’s the secret.

It is really just me here. So, if you have any questions or anything at all like that drop me a message me on my contact page and I will get back to you!

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