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two in the arm gets ya one in the butt -

As vaccination continues to move forward and more and more of use receive our second vaccination and start to mingle again, things may be a little awkward.

Some of us may be out of practice with communicating our needs, urges, desires.

So if you have taken 2 in the arm and are looking to either give one in the butt or take one in the butt, perhaps “The Anal Option” Ringer-Tee by TURNIP TEEZ is what you need.

We will take this moment to remind everyone that they need to first and foremost, without reservation or any impediment, uphold their COVID-19 responsibilities before they get to get out there and dick around.

If you are out there being irresponsible, harmful or just being an idiot, we will send TURNIPHED’s Mother, with her slipper in hand after them…and we all know what a whack from Mom’s slipper feels like.


What is fun is when you add a couple t-shirts to your cart and you can watch the savings add up.

Shipping included for this t-shirt.

Be Smart. Stay Safe. Remain Responsible.

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