It always chapped my ass when I would buy something online. Qualify for free shipping, however, that meant my package was coming via way of Pluto or Neptune and I would get it within the next year or so!

I wanted to come up with a different way of handling the “shipping situation” and this is what I have come up with;

  1. When you spend more, you will receive larger discount on your order to balance against shipping costs for your order. Discounts start at $50. (The full discount schedule is below.)
  2. When you get to the CHECKOUT process; you will see all the LIVE options for shipping available to you and the price to send it to your provided shipping address. This gives you the option of choosing how you wish to “spend” your shipping discount.

For example;

Your order sub-total comes to $127 (before taxes). This means you have earned a “shipping discount” of $10. When you get to check out you see the following shipping rates;

Standard Shipping 7-10 days after fulfillment $6.90
Express Shipping 2-3 days after fulfillment $8.36
Next Day Shipping after fulfillment $24.95

If you pick Standard or Express Shipping your earned “shipping credit” covers the cost of both those options plus the remainder would be still removed from your subtotal. If you picked Next Day Delivery, your order would increase by the difference of $24.95 and your Shipping Credit (in this case the credit is $10).

In this example the cost would be calculated: (we are going to forget about taxes for the moment just to keep the math simple).

  1. $127 + $6.90 = $133.90 – $10 = $123.90¹
  2. $127 + $8.36 = $135.35 – $10 = $125.35¹
  3. $127 + $24.95 = $151.95 – $10 = $141.95¹

¹ This is when applicable tax would be added according to shipping destination, shipping fee already has taxes calculated.

You will see the following message on merchandise where this shipping policy applies.


The more you spend the more discount you earn against your shipping charges!

When your TURNIP TEEZ totals hit the subtotal amounts listed below I will discount your cart to offset any shipping charges; still giving you the freedom to decide which shipping method suits you best.

  • Subtotal of $50 to $99 - receive an instant $5 credit
  • Subtotal of $100 to $199 - receive an instant $10 credit
  • Subtotal of $200 to $299 - receive an instant $20 credit
  • Subtotal of $300 or more - receive an instant $30 credit

Read more right here. Some conditions apply. Credit will automatically be applied to your cart as applicable items are added. Have questions? I would love to hear from you!

This message only appears on items that are applicable.


Please remember each order is considered "made to order". Please make sure you are familiar with the unique TURNIPTEEZ refund policy.

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