Yesterday morning, like OH EARLY HUNDRED in the morning, I was abruptly awoken to one of the most uncomfortable and horrible sensations I could imagine (after what I have already experienced).

My implanted “pacemaker” battery level had reached the level to where it starts to notify me.

By vibrating in my chest. (I am told the next step is beeping – I may have a beeping tiddie boys!)

Yup! Imagine your phone; in your chest, on vibrate, not just any vibrate but ANGRY VIBRATE.

Remember vibrations travel along things that they touch. That’s all I will say, I will let your intelligent imaginations wander.

(yes I feel everything)

So to celebrate the extra excitement…I am offering all new subscribers to the email list a one time 20% off coupon that is valid until the end of the month. (Not valid on sale, promo or Fundraising items)

Tomorrow we get to find out if we are keeping my original surgery date of later this month or if we are bumping it up.

Anyone want to volunteer to help me out post-op? 😉 lol

Happy Shopping!

PS – Everything went well and I am keeping my original date for “equipment swap out”. Thanks again to everyone for the love and support.

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