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Well quite frankly, I am not 100% fully sure yet; other than to say that I have had this idea of a fictional gay campground style resort nestled away in the mountains. The idea first started “brewing” when my BFF started going “seriously” camping a couple years ago. (I am not talking about anything crazy like camping in winter…but give him time!)

Mount was always going to be in the name and one of my favourite mountains in the Canadian Rockies was a source of inspiration. “Mount” that (pun intended) with my twisted sense of humour, a love for double-entendre and nuance, and a fun evening watching clever television with clever friends and enjoy clever adult refreshments, and well, the story started.

What is here?

I have created a collection of garments and accessories as if Mount Moist Plinth was an actual place. A collection of clothing that would be “commemorative” in nature for those that would be “regulars” at the resort and perhaps become part of a “community” of people with some great imaginations and senses of humour.

I just imagine that great story or conversation you could have with someone that asks you about your Mount Moist Plinth hoodie as you are setting up your campsite. Do you go along with the game and tell them some crazy fun story about escapades? Were you on these escapades or adventures or was a “friend” there and you were given the hoodie as a gift?

The possibilities are endless. Please don’t make me beg to hear them. I am hoping I get enough of these stories that I am inspired with other products or developments for Mount Moist Plinth.

What happens now?

Well now the story still continues. This is just the start, I plan on introducing other parts to the narrative. I would love it if you would all play along too. Grab some gear and take photos of yourself, doing whatever, in your Mount Moist Plinth gear and make sure you tag #turnipteez and #moistplinth – and who knows what will happen when you get noticed.

Just have fun with it! I know I am!


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