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HOE KIT // Here comes the first of many packages from the HOE KIT Collection; and what better time to jump feet first into new territory than jump into the foray that is Black Friday and Cyber Monday, and everything in between.

// KIT A – Includes the HOE KIT E Class T-shirt, in either black, grey or white. Also comes with the HOE KIT E Class Shoulder Kit and a 3″ Vinyl Sticker.

Add that all up together and that comes to $74 – but from now until 13 December 2019 – get 25% off this package. My attempt at Black Friday and Cyber Monday excitement.

STEP 1. Pick your TSHIRT Colour & Size. Click the button below to select size and colour for your t-shirt. BUT read Step 2 before you push the button please!

STEP 2. I will add the HOE KIT E CLASS Shoulder Kit to your cart. By default I will be adding the M/L size (based on averages). Special requests for a S/M Shoulder Kit will be happily entertained. Drop be a line after you get your order confirmation and I will get it taken care of for you.

OK you can go ahead and click the button (down below) now. 😀

Guess that makes it “step 3″…

Checkout the AWESOME package from Mount Moist Plinth too!

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