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TURNIP TEEZ will be starting a new project or maybe it’s a campaign or best called a program….yeah sure let’s call it a program.

It is going to be called, yes you guessed it, TWENTY TWENTY TWENTY TWENTY and what that means the item can be anyone of or a combination of;

  • $20 plus shipping
  • 20% off plus shipping
  • Available for 20 days
  • Only 20 pieces available

These items may just be crazy design ideas we come up and we want to see how they do.

These may be items that we are just crazy for and throw on sale.

Once the sale is over that is it. Also, items in the 20 20 20 20 program are not eligible for any discounts, promotions or other sales.

Unfortunately, you will not be able to combine any 20 20 20 20 items with other programs.

Who knows, this is a trial. We will see how it goes. Changes can always happen.

We hope you just are able to have some fun with it.

OH and any of the designs will be available for an upgrade to any other garment we have available. For that we just ask you contact us.

You will find 20 20 20 20 under our COLLECTIONS tab?

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