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So earlier today we were presented, by Facebook, with a post that they created from our content and suggested we should BOOST the post to increase our visibility. Basically make it an advertisement.

We had a credit so we thought why the fuck not. So we said sure go ahead.

The ad was rejected.

  1. Use of Profanity – they picked our fuck it just get naked shirt. (They picked it.)
  2. This one is kind of hard to explain. We can not draw attention to or identify anyone based on their sexual orientation. So as a business run by a gay man, I can’t use products I create for fellow queers in ads because that is discrimination and defamatory? They didn’t like my PRIDE t-shirt (although it does need a design upgrade) or my VERS t-shirt.


For the record I did supply the following demographics;

  • 18-55
  • Gay
  • Male
  • North America

So you won’t see any ads from us on Facebook or Instagram. I’m sure Twitter will be the same. So retweet and share the shit out of our posts for us and help us get out there and exposed.

Thank you!

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